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Sacrifice to Jashin stamp by zelos22:iconnocopy1plz::iconnocopy2plz:


  • Mood: Unhappy
  • Listening to: The GazettE - Chizuru
  • Reading: Sleepy Hollow fanfiction
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Drinking: Cough syrup


[/] - You take pleasure in fooling/tricking people
[ ] - You're easily scared
[x] - You hate getting dirty
[ ] - You can be really flirty when you want to
[x] - You keep your hair long - why of course! Diva Cat 
[ ] - You don't like getting wet unless you're bathing
[/] - You like to just lounge about
[/] - You get annoyed easily
[ ] - You like seafood - I hate it with a passion greaterthan:C on Fire 
[x] - You CAN spend hours trying to make yourself look good - would you ever doubt that, pssh :iconimfabulousplz:
Total for cat: 4,5

[ ] - You're almost always smiling
[/] - You're nice to most people and like to get to know people before you judge them - half point, for only the latter part is correct Crazy - not bad 
[ ] - You rarely resort to violence - do I look sane enough for that? Sanity is overrated anyway! Sanity is Overrated 
[ ] - You would NEVER hurt your friends
[ ] - You really like tickling people, just to see if they're ticklish.
[ ] - You stand up for others
[ ] - You would tell everyone that you love them if it wasn't so hard on your reputation
[ ] - You don't get angry easily
[ ] - You share your food with people who are out of lunch money
[ ] - Your favorite color is either blue, yellow, or purple
Total for dog: 0,5

[ ] - You're really good at swimming
[ ] - You like to swim
[/] - You like sparkly things - uuuuuh, shiny, shiny~ Kyouko Toshinou (Adorable Sparkle) [V2] 
[ ] - You are really ticklish
[ ] - You can fit through almost any space
[ ] - You've gotten stuck in a net or/and rope before
[ ] - You're romantically lost - I have a very firm standing on that, which is that I have no interest in romantics (I am aromantic).
[/] - You're really good at keeping a straight face when you need to - :iconwthplz: fucking unmovable, like a brick! Yeah, I wish

[ ] - You aren't very drawn to people who "stand out"
[ ] - You can wear just about anything
Total for 'fish': 1

[ ] - You like to wear bright colors
[/] - You like vegetables
[ ] - Your entire life revolves around sparkly things
[ ] - You always worry about falling prey to bullies/gossipers
[ ] - You're terrified of things that other people aren't scared of
[x] - You aren't afraid of some things that other people are terrified of
[x] - You have been told that you lack emotion
[/] - You keep your opinions to yourself
[/] - You can be social one minute and a loner the next
[ ] - You are a good impersonator and/or you like to dress up as things you're not
Total for 'bug': 3,5

[x]- You're always prepared for something bad to happen - I'm paranoid, I can't
bloody help it :staranoid: 
[x] - You make little piles of things in your room that your friends/parent(s)/guardian(s) claim is 'unorganized' - viva la Chaos! EVIL Laughter! 
[/] - You run rather than fight from danger
[ ] - You designate people to hide behind
[ ] - You say "uh/er/um" a lot  
[x] - People have told you that you talk really fast before
[ ] - Sometimes you stutter
[/] - You like to have pets
[x] - You far prefer animals to people
[x] - You can't trust very many people
Total for 'rodent': 6

[/] - You are prone to spelling errors - I am a bad proofreader (of my own works/comments)
[x] - You have been told that you are pretty before in any given way
[ ] - You are modest
[/] - You would rather run from a fight than actually fight
[/] - You would protect the ones you love
[f.u] - When you get really frustrated you cry
[ ] - It breaks your heart to see ads about animal cruelty
[ ] - You love your friends but sometimes they're mean to you
[ ] - You never say so, but you think that you're kind of pretty - I do not deny my magnificent beauty! :icondivaplz:
[/] - When you were little you wanted to be a princess/prince - damn you... Princess Aurora

Total for 'deer': 3

[x] - You personally think that you are pretty - Sexy horse (oh noes) 
[ ] - You always have boys/girls asking you out
[ ] - Sometimes you aren't very smart in decision making, and have some regrets following you around in the back of your mind
[ ] - You hang out with an exclusive group that isn't open to just anybody
[x] - You never leave the comfort of your own home without your makeup on/your hair brushed
[ ] - You are constantly altering your body
[ ] - You are quick to judge people.
[ ] - You're always up to date on the gossip going around
[ ] - You take ridiculously good care of yourself - I wish
[ ] - The only thing you like about school/College/Work is having friends there.
Total for 'horse': 2

And so, I am a rodent. That damnable rat! Ratemote 
lol, :'D


Onto the next tag! :icontardmanplz:

[ ] You are rather wild, and let your instincts run you
[ ] You get drunk a lot
[ ] Bravery and boldness is second nature to you
[ ] You have a deep love for astronomy and the universe
[ ] You like to read your daily horoscope
[/] You have a high level of pride in yourself
[ ] In the woods is the best place for you to be
[ ] You are spiritual
[ ] The horse is your favorite animal
[/] You are possessive and territorial - exceedingly possessive, but territorial? At that I get negative associations with pissing dogs :iconverynotimpressedplz:
Total: 1 of 10

[ ] Your ears are slightly pointed at the tips
[x] You are very intelligent - fifty-fifty on whether that's not an over-evaluation :'D
[ ] Your five senses are extremely keen
[ ] Your weight is quite a bit lighter than the average person at your particular height
[ ] You always wear elegant clothes and speak as politely as possible
[ ] You are most at peace when you are gazing at something beautiful, like nature
[x] You look very young for your age
[ ] You rarely get sick
[ ] You are a very hard worker
[ ] Above all other superpowers, you would love to read minds or see the future - there's got to be even more impressive stuff than that, or a kind of power which would incorporate something of those
Total: 2 of 10

[ ] You are happy a lot of the time
[ ] The best superpower to you would be to fly
[ ] You are very shy
[ ] You love the forest and plant life in general
[ ] You are always willing to help others, even if you might not be the best to offer aid
[x] You are young and short - fuck you :glare-left-and-right: . Right now I am almost nineteen and 'bout 163cm tall Ratigan Glare 
[ ] Dancing is one of your favorite pastimes - I loathe dancing, you prancing fools!
[ ] If someone ticks you off, you are very clever with getting them back
[ ] Your clothing isn't always presentable, but you are comfortable with what you wear
[ ] Circles are a wonderful symbol of unity to you
Total: 1 of 10

[ ] You are excellent with crafts and handiwork.
[/] In social situations, you tend to be a little awkward - I guess that's one way to put it.
[x] You are short for your age - I may be short, but high-heels are good weaponry against those who dare to call me 'short' ...WTF? Ed Emote 
[ ] You are an isolationist - if we were to interpret this political term of international relations as those of an individual's to other people - I still do not know whether I would be an 'isolationist'
[ ] You love to play practical jokes on people
[x] You are extremely fascinated with jewelry
[ ] You look older than your age
[ ] You love the woods and the mountains
[/] You are well off, or come from a family that is well off
[ ] You have a short temper
Total: 3 of 10

[ ] You are best at talking bad about people behind their backs and not to their face
[ ] When you are annoyed, you will go to a great extent to torment whoever did so to you
[ ] You often take things that aren't yours
[/] You are easily angered
[x] Death fascinates you - Deadricprince 
[x] You are female, or a feminine-looking man
[ ] You associate yourself with the wind element
[ ] You can switch quickly between your light and dark side
[/] You love to trick others
[ ] You have a ravenous appetite
Total: 3 of 10

[x] You love the beach more so because of the water than the shore itself
[ ] Fish are some of the most beautiful creatures to you - no Stare 
[ ] The ultimate superpower to you would be to breathe underwater
[ ] You enjoy looking at ships, but not riding them, as well as you like ships for traveling, not hunting in the sea
[ ] You are good at swimming
[ ] You like to collect shells
[ ] You use sea items as jewelry or decoration
[ ] You enjoy learning about the ocean and the life inside it.
[ ] You are extremely against ocean pollution
[ ] Legs on land are not as important as a fin in the sea
Total: 1 of 10

[x] You're a night person - I am a night person a sparkle nightOwlie: Disco
[x] You have a fascination with blood
[x] You are pale
[/] You wish you had a bat as a pet - blaahy the bat 
[x] You are not religious at all
[x] Tight spaces are not scary or uncomfortable for you - I am not claustrophobic bunneh icon17 
[x] The sun's glare annoys you all too often - fuck you sun! I hate you too! CURSE YOU! 
[ ] You hate food with lots of garlic in it - quite the opposite :P
[/] To you, a kiss on the neck is more romantic than a kiss on the cheek or lips - romantic bollocks aside, I think a kiss on the neck look more beautiful, more original
[ ] You don't like sharp objects near you
Total: 7 of 10

[ ] The full moon is the most beautiful scene to you
[ ] You have a lot of body hair
[ ] The ability to shape shift is the best superpower to you
[ ] You prefer gold over silver items - I love silver~ :heart:
[ ] You lack self control
[/] You find it easier to have sympathy for animals than for humans - I lack sympathy in general, but animals have a tendency of getting it more easily from me
[ ] You have a deep respect for wolves and wild dogs
[x] You like to be alone
[ ] You have a terrible secret and you only tell people you trust 100% about it - the point of a secret is not telling it, if you tell your 'terrible secret' to someone - you're a twat.
[ ] You'd rather be outdoors than indoors - fuck no.
Total: 1.5 of 10

[ ] You love chemistry
[ ] You are intuitive and good at analyzing people, to the point that people seriously or jokingly say you're psychic - I haven't had anyone call me such
[/] The most amazing supernatural power to you is controlling the elements
[ ] You are a nature lover
[ ] You have a strong sense of responsibility - lol, t'is a joke
[x] You spend a lot of time alone
[ ] You usually hang around with a certain animal all the time when you feel lonely - my dog couldn't give less of a fuck about how I feel than it does now F ur shit 
[/] You are spiritual, but not necessarily religious - definitely not religious, spiritual - meh, maybe :shrug:
[ ] Cooking is one of your favorite things to do
[ ] You enjoy learning about Wicca and the occult
Total: 2 of 10

[x] You are pale
[ ] You are hungry a lot.
[ ] Many activities you do every day make you feel mindless, or like a drone
[ ] Most of the time you or a part of you is cold - only metaphorically (my heart) :'D
[/] You love to eat meat
[/] You would resort to cannibalism if that was the only source of food - given I am a picky eater, so it would have to be prepared well. Other than that I would have no qualms about eating human flesh Zombie Eat 
[ ] You make grunts and moans a lot
[/] You enjoy learning about psychology because you study the brain - lol :braaaains: 
[/] You usually walk slow - I like to stroll without hurrying Takin' a Stroll 
[x] You are not afraid of seeing a lot of blood or getting a lot of blood on yourself
Total: 4 of 10

And the result is... :iconlegaspplz: Le Gasp

...I am a vampire!:iconalutongueplz:

Lol, was anyone surprised by that? I doubt it

Now, I shall tag some people just to annoy them EVIL Laughter! 
I tag:

Though I doubt that anyone will do it, time for plan B! Plan... Bunny - if you shall not do these quizzes, I shall have to use... this

( . .)  --I will eat your soul



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:iconlovedastamp1::iconlovedastamp2:BAD GIRL stamp by DeviantSithDarkneSS stamp by DeviantSithBloody stamp by emptyidentityentity
Violently Beautiful Stamp by RockstarVanityI Support Horror stamp by the-emo-detective:iconmyselfstampplz::iconmyselfstampplz2:I love Black by Tifa22
I Support Evil Muffins :D by GingerFoxy:DONT FAVE: Evil Things by Stampd-clubVampire V stamp by DeviantSithI heart Roses by monstee
Character Abuse Stamp -Female- by ChimeraDragonfangSadist Stamp by black-roses-fallingProud to be EVIL by xXJohnnnYXxDemons by skinnyveestamp
{Sadistic} by xXtoxic-infectionXxfixed. by Shark-BitesRavens Stamp by sequellehate you stamp by SheilaBrinson
smoke by cades-emotionI Support Smoking Stamp by DancingMouseI hate everything by BlackJillStripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Chaos Stamp by L-monSeven Deadly Stamps: Vanity by VoltairaSeven Deadly Stamps: Envy by VoltairaSeven Deadly Stamps: Wrath by Voltaira
emo stamp by Koiiimy goth stamp by CruelCatGoth: Midnight by skinnyveestampLolita stamp 2 by HappyStamp
Dark Side by ShimairaI love Dark Art by GothicmamaInner Demons by ShimairaScorpio Stamp by Magica-28
Stamp Insane and damn proud by DieNaerrin:iconcoverit1plz::iconcoverit2plz:Being Childish Stamp by CreativenessFeminist by thesunshotme
Mad as a Hatter by MadeleineRuuthWe're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163Painting the Roses Red -Stamp- by cos1163Why is a Raven... -Stamp- by cos1163
Support reading stamp by DeviantSithFFFFFFFF. by snakeandladdersI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainWinter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Autumn Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSupport Halloween stamp by DeviantSithHalloween pump stamp by DeviantSithScaaary II stamp by DeviantSith
:icon3am1::icon3am2::iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz:Live Forever by ValotoxinRepublic of Lithuania by Flag-Stamps
Music Stamp by Claws14Very Metal stamp by VamoreMusic stamp by xXInvader-HaleyXxElectronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman
Three Days Grace Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxEvanescence Stamp by EramelineDisturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rosethe GazettE Fan Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996
I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-ArtStamp, Manga Fan by IcetrixHellsing Ultimate Stamp by LinkMasterXPHellsing- Not Just... :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Hellsing_stamp by ScereyahaDreamweaverAlucard Fan-Stamp by Greetings-I-Am-SDuty and Devotion by blazer87The Bird of Hermes by snakeandladders
Higurashi  Stamp by Jeyerre:iconhinamizawasyndromest::iconhinamizawasyndrome2:Jigoku Shoujo Stamp -ignore- by Kaze-HimeJS: Ren x Ai by Before-I-Sleep
xxxHolic Stamp by ExBodiedA Stamp: Yuuko by TerramiKuroshitsuji stamp by sequelleundertaker stamp 3 by Neji-x-Hyuuga
Undertaker stamp by noctua-nigrumStamp - Undertaker by darkittyheroUndertaker stamp by capriciousgamzeeeAkatuski :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Itachi Stamp by RandomTonsItaSaku Stamp 01 by NatzabelPein stamp by HeysteaKonan II stamp by Suigetsu-Houzuki
PeinKonan Stamp by NatzabelOrochimaru Stamp by MajinPatDevil May Cry stamp by KenchoJackpot II by skinnyveestamp
DanteXTrish Stamp by LegendaryDragon90Stamp Trish Fan by RubiaDmcBleach Fanatic Stamp by Storm-the-catUlquiorra: Electro World Stamp by Myouri
Grimmjow stamp 2 by yomiko-sanIshida Fan Stamp by HirasawaStamp - Bleach: Soi Fong by SuxinnYumichika Stamp II. by DiosMaligno
Yachiru and Kenpachi Stamp by SirCrocodileDeath Note Stamp by BusirisB :Stamp: by Circe-BakaL Lawliet -STAMP- by Nilopher
Misa Stamp by lightpurgeZombie Loan Fan - Stamp by KizushikShito by InuyyashaEnvy A Bad Ass Stamp by keine-lust-modo
I Love favs by SedmaI love comments by SedmaI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoI love my watchers stamp by Tollerka
Hate Out of Love - stamp by KnuxphntmTeh Cake Is A Lie by Wesker-ChickSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Bitch, plz. by snakeandladders
Current Residence: Hell
Favourite genre of music: Alternativ Metal/Heavy Metal/J-rock/Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga/ Dark Art
Favourite cartoon character: Sooo Many =3=

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